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Why Hire James Orr Investigations, LLC?

Professionalism:  James Orr, the owner and principal private investigator at James Orr Investigations, has over 36 years of law enforcement experience as a police officer and FBI Special Agent.  James Orr Investigations, LLC is licensed and insured and strictly adheres to the professional standards of private investigation.  Not only does that background ensure that you are hiring a professional with a great deal of competence, training and ethics, it also means that we have access to reputable information databases not available to the general public.  These databases have stringent requirements for accessing and utilizing information.  By strictly adhering to those requirements we can obtain and analyze extensive information which can be utilized by an attorney should the matter culminate in litigation.  Interview and interrogation skills are crucial to obtaining information from people.  As an experienced FBI Special Agent and polygraph examiner, James Orr is an expert at interview and interrogation.

Since retiring from the FBI, Jim and Trish Orr have conducted numerous mortgage fraud investigations, health care fraud investigations, corporate fraud, industrial espionage, theft of intellectual property, accident investigations, surveillances, etc.  Jim Orr has also conducted high profile special investigations for the Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office and is a contract special investigator for the Hillsborough County Administrator’s Office.

Background Investigations

  • Applicants for Employment

  • Attorneys on behalf of clients

  • Business owners for clients and prospective business partners

  • Insurance companies

  • Rental Applicants

  • Prospective Home Purchasers

  • Dating

  •  Parental concern regarding boyfriend/girlfriend or associates

  • Elder Care Giver

Depending on the needs of the client, these can require database searches, physical courthouse searches,  and interviews.

Corporate Fraud

  • Workers' compensation

  • Personal injury (slip and fall; medical fraud)

  • Auto and health insurance fraud

  • Theft of time, product or services

These types of investigations typically rely heavily on physical surveillance and video evidence.  It is then crucial that the investigator is able to give credible, professional testimony.  Thirty-six years of law enforcement experience has provided that ability.

Electronic Counter-surveillance

Comprehensive sweeps of buildings and vehicles for "bugs" or other electronic surveillance devices.  Our electronics expert has over thirty years of experience. 

Media and Security Consulting

Our Media and Security consulting expert is a career FBI Special Agent with unique qualifications and credentials in these fields.

Missing Persons

  • Spouses and children

  • Heirs

  • Debtors

  • Fugitives

In addition to locating persons involved in a variety of investigations, James Orr was assigned to the FBI Violent Crime fugitive Task Force in Baltimore which, at the time, was one of the busiest and most productive FBI Fugitive Task Forces in the country.   He was also the Principle Relief supervisor and acting supervisor of that task force for two years.

Polygraph Examinations

James Orr is also the owner of Tampa Polygraph Services, LLC, and provides polygraph services to law enforcement, attorneys, private companies and businesses.  As one of the most experienced of FBI polygraph examiners, he has a rare breadth and depth of polygraph experience and an excellent reputation in the field.

Professional Associations

James Orr is a member of the American Polygraph Association, Florida Polygraph Association and Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI.

Ethics and Integrity

Private Investigators are considered by the state of Florida to be in a position of public trust.  That is why there are extensive regulations and licensing requirements pertaining to the industry.  It is crucial that private investigators provide credible, accurate, objective and truthful information to their clients and in their court testimony.  James Orr has an impeccable record with regard to personal integrity and professional integrity as a police officer, FBI Special Agent, and private investigator and polygraph professional.

Clients can be sure that James Orr investigators have impeccable integrity and a serious work ethic.  All billable hours and expenses will be honest and accurate and investigations will be conducted in a serious, focused and ethical manner. Clients will be informed that no illegal or unethical activity will be performed if requested by the client.  Good faith estimates will be provided for investigations; however, the needs of the investigations dictate the costs up to any caps put in place by the client.